Sands Point Preserve, Shoreline Improvement


Location: Sands Point, New York
Client: Nassau County Department of Public Works
Completion Date: 2008
Construction Cost: $500,000

The project included a master plan for the improvement of the shoreline at Sands Point Preserve. The existing shoreline erosion was in poor to failed condition. In order to stabilize the shoreline, several alternatives were considered. The alternatives ranged from performing minor repairs to the existing deteriorating concrete seawall to developing completely new erosion protection systems.

It was determined that in all zones except for the zone in front of the Falaise Manor, the most cost effective erosion protection system would consist on a stone revetment in conjunction with slope flattening. For the zone adjacent to the Falaise Manor, the recommended alternative was a stone revetment with a retaining wall land sand fill. Prime consultant for this project.