Shoreham Solar Common: Tallgrass Solar Farm

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Location: Shoreham, NY
Client: Inverenergy, LLC
Completion Date: On-going
Construction Cost: $175,000,000

Invenergy, a Chicago based independent renewable power generation company, was awarded the a power purchase agreement for its proposed 24.9 MW Shoreham Solar Commons facility in the Town of Brookhaven.

For this project, Inverengy planed to build Shoreham Solar Commons on Brookhaven’s former Tallgrass Golf Course. The facility was set back 100 feet from property lines in accordance with the land use plan and was heavily landscaped. The project required no removal of trees, and Invenergy planted an additional 1,500+ trees on the project’s site. By replacing the Tallgrass Golf Course, the facility eliminated the use of pesticides and fertilizers on the course, which directly benefited the Long Island aquifer, the sole source of the area’s fresh water. Responsible for site engineering, master planning, landscape architecture and construction oversight for this project including 150 acres over 2.2 miles of landscape buffering to residential units.