Jackson Avenue & Atlantic Avenue


Type: Stormwater
Location: Seaford, New York
Client: Town of Hempstead
Completion Date: 2005
Construction Cost: $600,000

The project consisted of evaluating a low lying area in the Town of Hempstead and providing a comprehensive solution to reduce the magnitude and frequency of roadway flooding. Subsequent to the topographic survey and base-mapping that were conducted, it was determined that the roadway had an inadequate crown in certain locations and that the drainage systems outlets into the adjacent canals allowed tidal water to significantly impact stormwater removal during high tide periods. Also, the coring program revealed that the existing asphalt pavement was of inadequate thickness.

After summarizing these findings in the design report, detailed design plans were developed to improve the area. The roadway grade was raised in areas prone to flooding and the roadway pavement was completely replaced which allowed the correct crown to be established. Also, the drainage system was replaced with the drainage inlets being located in more appropriate locations and check valves were placed on the outlets in the adjacent canals. Other work performed for the project included the development of special specifications, a detailed cost estimate and preparation of property restoration sketches for use in communicating the proposed changes to the residents properties.