Milburn Pond


Type: Water Body Rehabilitation
Location: Freeport & Baldwin, New York
Client: Nassau County Department of Public Works
Completion Date: 2004
Construction Cost: $2,800,000

This project consisted of improvements to Milburn Pond and the adjacent park. The project consisted of: • Performing topographic survey of pond and park.

  • Sedimentation basin with access road and machinery ramp.
  • Maintenance and Protection of traffic.
  • Developing conceptual construction sequence.
  • Concrete retaining wall at shoreline.
  • Improvement/replacement of park amenities including asphalt paths, benches and trash receptacles.
  • Pond sediment and water quality testing.
  • Dewatering and dredging of pond.
  • Establishment of freshwater wetlands.
  • Pond aeration system.

Responsible for the preparation of environmental study, preliminary and final design plans, specifications and construction cost estimate, securing permits from regulatory agencies and construction support services.