Prospect Avenue Bulkhead Restoration and Shoreline Erosion Protection


Location: Sea Cliff, New York
Client: Nassau County Department of Public Works
Construction Cost: $1,800,000

The project involved survey, mapping, site inventory, geotechnical, soils, structural and foundation analysis, preparation of final plans and specifications, securing NYS DEC tidal wetland permit, bid analysis, and construction inspection and support services for the replacement of 1,800’ of timber bulkhead with a cantilevered steel sheet pile bulkhead extending from Tappan Beach Pool northward to the southern limit of Rum point Parklet.

Additional work included gabion erosion protection at all pipe outfalls including the southern shoreline of Rum Point Parklet, restoration of parklet, landscaping, sidewalks and aluminum ship rail for the length of the project. The key to the successful completion and ongoing service of the bulkhead was the preparation of a geotechnical report that both identified and predicted the failure of the existing bulkhead and made possible the use of the cantilevered design.