Dutchess County Airport: EMAS Pad and Bed Design


Location: Dutchess County, New York
Client: Dutchess County Airport
Completion Date: 2004

The EMAS pad was designed by TSPE with the EMAS bed (250 feet long and 120 feet wide) designed by ESCO. The EMAS provided the needed runway safety area improvements on the roll-out end of Runway 6. A highway crossing the standard RSA and the need to maintain the available runway length, of 5,000 feet, left an Engineered Materials Arresting System as the best possible improvement for this precision instrument runway used by nearly all of the jet aircraft operating at the airport. TSPE oversaw the EMAS installation site preparation including relocating a natural gas line, modifying the drainage, and constructing the asphalt pad. ESCO provided on-sight supervision of the EMAS block layout and placement.

The joint efforts of TSPE, ESCO and an experienced contractor made the project a success. The installation used tried and proven methods and meticulous design specifications to make a difficult project proceed smoothly, on time, and under budget.