Grand Army Plaza South Pulitzer Fountain

Geotechnical Engineering »

Location: New York City, NY
Client: Central Park Conservancy / The LiRo Group
Completion Date: November 2023

As a sub-consultant to LiRo, TSPE provided Geotechnical consulting services for a new secondary access point to the fountain mechanical vault space. Based on the information provided, the proposed secondary access tunnel was expected to be 4-5 ft below grade with an approximate width of 3-5 ft, the tunnel consists of reinforced concrete. For the proposed secondary access tunnel, two soil borings were performed. Both borings advanced to a minimum of 32 feet below existing grade, or 5 feet into bedrock if encountered first. The conditions encountered will be detailed on boring logs. The borings were performed within the proposed building footprint with a truck mounted drill rig. Standard Penetration Tests (SPTs) will be performed, and samples were taken continuously through the upper 12 feet and at 5-foot intervals thereafter. Due to the location and high likelihood of encountering underground utilities, the first 5-6 ft was hand augered. Based off the borings performed, a geotechnical engineering report was prepared that summarizes the project, exploration program, and subsurface conditions, and included a boring location plan, boring soil logs, and design phase recommendations for geotechnical-related design parameters