Medical Office Building

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Location: Huntington, New York
Client: Key Civil Engineering, P.C.
Client Contact: Jaclyn Peranteau, P.E.

The project consisted of construction of a proposed 1 Story Medical Office building with roughly 10,064 SF footprint. The lot was originally occupied by an existing structure which was demolished. TSPE provided the following services:

Inspection and verification of sub-surface soil: Subgrade material was inspected in order to verify project acceptance based on New York City Building Code. Approximately 9 locations were inspected at depths varying from 30 feet to 40 feet in depth.

Soil analysis of Subsurface soil: Visual analysis of the subsurface soil was observed to check conformance with the requirements of NYC Building coil and Unified Soil Classification system. 

Concrete Field testing: Concrete Field tests were performed on the building foundations. Concrete cylinders were collected and take to the lab.

Concrete Strength testing: Concrete cylinders were analyzed for their strength by performing break tests on the procured cylinders.

Windsor Probe Testing of Hardened Concrete: Windsor Probe testing was conducted on two footings due to lack of required strength. Tests were conducted by manufacturer standards.

Steel and Bolting inspections: Inspection of Roof Metal decking was performed. Quality of weldments, Proper spacing weldments, proper lapping of metal decking, proper gauge of metal decking, no excessive burning of metal decking. Inspection of high strength torque bolts. Bolted connections were inspected in accordance with AISC specs. Bolts were inspected with calibrated torque wrench to assure min. requirements. Inspection of structural steel beam framing