NYPD Harbor Charlie Police Facility

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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Client: NYPD / The Liro Group
Completion Date: January 2023
Client Contact: Phillip Georgakopoulos, P.E. / The Liro Group

TSPE provided Geotechnical consulting services for the NYPD Harbor Charlie Police Facility as part of a remediation plan for a failed bulkhead. Due to permitting purposes, five borings were implemented. Five borings with two of the borings was conducted on the pier to advance to a minimum of 102 feet below grade. TSPE planned the drilling and provided coordination with subcontractors. Proper drilling procedures and operations were verified and implemented per Building Code requirements. We conducted a laboratory testing program to establish the index and engineering properties of the soils. Along with the boring program, TSPE planned an NDT program and provided coordination with subcontractors, reviewed the available Pile Construction and As-Built information, and based on the results of the NDT program, provided recommendations assessing the geotechnical and structural capacities of the piles within our Geotechnical Report.