FDNY Training Academy

Subsurface Utility Mark Out »

Location: Randall’s Island, New York
Client: FDNY / Cameron Engineering
Completion Date: June 2023

As a sub-consultant to Cameron Engineering, TSPE provided topographical and utility surveys for the Fire Department of New York Training Academy. TSPE survey crews will perform detailed topographic surveys within the required project limits. Detail shown shall include, but not be limited to, buildings, walkways, curbs, roadway centerlines, bulkheads, fences, bollards, walls, signs, light poles, trees, vegetation lines, pavement markings and all visible utility surface hardware. Within the project limits, existing ground elevations will be collected on a grid at 25-foot intervals, and at 25-foot intervals along all roadways. All subsurface communications, water, gas, electric, storm and sanitary utilities were located using electromagnetic magnetic (EM), radio frequency (RF) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment to determine SUE Quality Level “B” information to identify potential utility conflicts.