Northwell North & South Campus

Subsurface Utility Mark Out »

Location: Staten Island, New York
Client: Haugland Energy / Cameron Engineering
Completion Date: On-going

As a sub-consultant to Cameron Engineering, TSPE provided topographical and utility surveys for Haugland Energy at two locations in Staten Island for Northwell Health where they are installing Solar PV carports. TSPE survey crews performed a detailed topographic survey including buildings, walkways, curbs, railings, fences, bollards, walls, signs, light poles, trees, vegetation lines, pavement markings and all visible utility surface hardware. Underground utility lines were shown based on field utility mark-out and any available record information. All subsurface communications, water, gas, electric, storm and sanitary utilities were located using electromagnetic magnetic (EM), radio frequency (RF) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment to determine SUE Quality Level “B” information to identify potential utility conflicts.