Sanitary Sewer Channel Crossing

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Location: Village of Manorhaven, NY
Client: Village of Manorhaven / Cameron Engineering
Completion Date: May 2022

As a sub-consultant to Cameron Engineering, TSPE provided a boundary, topographic and utility survey in connection with the Sanitary Sewer Channel Crossing project for the Village of Manorhaven. Survey scope included all features (manholes, valve boxes, curbs, striping sidewalks, etc.), topography at 1ft contours, horizontal and vertical controls, and location of sanitary manholes Nos. 3 and 4 and 14 inch sewer. Our boundary survey established rights-of-way, easements and property lines/individual parcels adjacent to the area of work. The subsurface utility survey included an investigation of all subsurface utilities (sanitary, water, gas, electric, telecommunications, etc.), utility locating services, Quality Level A data and storm and sanitary structure investigations.