Sag Harbor Sewer Service Expansion

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Location: Sag Harbor, Suffolk County, NY
Client: Village of Sag Harbor / Cameron Engineering
Completion Date: September 2022

As a sub-consultant to Cameron Engineering, TSPE is providing topographic surveying services for the design of new sanitary sewer systems in the Village of Sag Harbor, in Suffolk County, New York. TSPE’s survey incorporated over 7000 linear feet of village right-of-way, as well as 44 private parcels. TSPE’s survey included all topographic surface data within and 25’ feet beyond the width of all public rights-of-way, subsurface utility mark-out & hardware, as well as sewer and drainage lines. TSPE also inventoried all sewer & drainage structure information, including materials, conditions and invert information. TSPE field crews also recovered boundary evidence of record in order to establish all rights-of-way, easements and property lines / individual parcels within 25’ feet of roadway centerline.