Design: Highway / Traffic / Transportation Planning

The design staff of TSPE has successfully completed design projects for roadways ranging from highways to multi-lane arterials to local residential roadways. Each of these projects was performed according to local standards to ensure that the roadways were reconstructed in the most cost effective manner.

The TSPE staff has extensive experience in the field of traffic engineering, having recently successfully completed a wide variety of projects. These projects include traffic signal rebuilds, traffic signal timing using Synchro and TEAPAC and traffic impact studies. In addition, TSPE traffic design team includes personnel with direct experience working for NYSDOT Traffic and an individual certified as a PTOE (Professional Traffic Operations Engineer).

In the Transportation Planning field, TSPE has performed several studies to determine the existing conditions within corridors and to determine what improvements can be done to facilitate travel in the areas. The studies have been performed for state highways in downtown areas, at intersections of multi-lane arterials, and for areas where bike paths are being considered. Each study included analysis techniques including existing traffic counts, accident analysis, trip generation and estimation of future traffic volumes. Also, traffic conflict studies were performed to determine accident causing factors not apparent in accident reports.