Land Surveying & Landscape Architecture

Our staff also includes Landscape Architects, Land Planners and Site Engineers, specializing in a broad range of projects involving residential design from Planned Unit Developments of a multi- use nature, to Recreational Communities and Cluster Developments. We provide expertise in the field of Commercial and Industrial Site Design, Environmental Assessment and Impact, Recreational Planning, including marina, park and golf course design, as well as professional and legal testimony. Our general services include:

• Master Planning
• Site Engineering
• Surveying
• Land Use and Zoning
• SEQRA and the Environmental Process
• Landscape Architecture
• Park and Recreation Planning
• Storm Water Management
• ADA Compliance
• Fiscal Analysis
• Architecture
• T raffic Studies

Our Team of Engineers, Landscape Architects and Land Surveyors consider realities: the realities of design and its relationship to the natural or created landscape, the reality of the budget, schedule and market. Above all, in every undertaking, we strives to use nature to fulfill man’s physical and psychological needs – to help him achieve a better life by showing him how best to relate and grow with the natural environment.