TSPE has provided aviation services since 1984. For over 25 years, TSPE worked exclusively within the aviation sector and our efforts were concentrated in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania tri-state area. Our personal design approach with each of our clients produced great relationships and, in many instances, TSPE was the exclusive airport consultant for several facilities for over 20 years. Eventually, our specialty expanded and TSPE became a recommended consultant that has worked on commercial service airports from Florida to New York.

TSPE continues to offer a robust program of aviation services and has successfully managed millions of dollars per year in federal and state grant funds.  

Our aviation services include all aspects of airport engineering, construction inspection, quality assurance, grant administration and project closeout.  Typical projects include pavement designs, runway / taxiway / apron designs, runway safety analysis; airfield lighting designs, airfield signage, NAVAIDS, obstruction studies, flight information display systems; property acquisitions and land releases.

Bridges / Culverts / Bulkheads

TSPE has a long history of providing design services for bridges and other structures in the tristate area. Some of the services include performing load ratings, in-depth bridge inspections and construction support services. Numerous projects have been successfully designed ranging from bridge rehabilitations with new decks and parapets to complete bridge replacement projects. In addition, TSPE has experience in the rehabilitation of bascule bridges and in the modification of historic bridges.

TSPE has participated in many projects to replace the aging bulkheads throughout the region. A key part of our design process is to evaluate existing conditions and determine the most cost effective type of new bulkhead considering the desired lifespan of the bulkhead and the available budget. Comprehensive design plans have been developed using the following bulkhead materials: steel, concrete, vinyl, recycled plastic and timber.

Highway / Traffic / Transportation Planning

The design staff of TSPE has successfully completed design projects for roadways ranging from highways to multi-lane arterials to local residential roadways. Each of these projects was performed according to local standards to ensure that the roadways were reconstructed in the most cost effective manner.

The TSPE staff has extensive experience in the field of traffic engineering, having recently successfully completed a wide variety of projects. These projects include traffic signal rebuilds, traffic signal timing using Synchro and TEAPAC and traffic impact studies. In addition, TSPE traffic design team includes personnel with direct experience working for NYSDOT Traffic and an individual certified as a PTOE (Professional Traffic Operations Engineer).

In the Transportation Planning field, TSPE has performed several studies to determine the existing conditions within corridors and to determine what improvements can be done to facilitate travel in the areas. The studies have been performed for state highways in downtown areas, at intersections of multi-lane arterials, and for areas where bike paths are being considered. Each study included analysis techniques including existing traffic counts, accident analysis, trip generation and estimation of future traffic volumes. Also, traffic conflict studies were performed to determine accident causing factors not apparent in accident reports.

Civil / Site

TSPE has designed shoreline protection for many locations throughout Long Island. Design plans have included stone revetments, bluff slope flattening and gabion baskets. The stone revetment design included the evaluation of the flood elevation and wave heights anticipated for a specific year storm in order to appropriately size armor stone. The design process also included securing NYSDEC, NYSDOS and Army Corp permits in addition to local permits.

A key part of a lot of our design projects is the incorporation of new stormwater discharge systems. Typical roadway/bridge projects frequently included the design of new drainage systems in the immediate vicinity. TSPE has performed numerous analysis of watersheds with the Rational and other methods in order to ensure that new drainage systems are appropriately sized. TSPE has also performed several drainage studies for low-lying areas in order to determine cost effective techniques for the reduction of the magnitude/frequency of flooding.

TSPE has been involved in several projects where water bodies were improved in order to provide better water quality and to enhance the visual environment. Techniques used include: selective dredging to create stormwater flow paths into non-circulating areas of ponds; installation of aeration devices to increase dissolved oxygen; sediment capture devices in drainage structures, ponds and wetland vegetation to filter stormwater.

In the Site Development field, TSPE has developed site plans for multi-unit housing developments and single family residences, as well as utility modifications and site plans for facilities such as ice skating rinks and, student housing and sports facility restrooms.