Safety Services


TSPE’s Safety Engineers ensure that all construction and occupational health and safety standards are followed. They are responsible for devising health and safety plans, monitoring practices to ensure compliance, writing up safety policies and procedures, and responding to emergencies as needed. Our Safety Engineers develop plans for each project and, as part of that, they are tasked with ensuring that the items in the plan are carried out.

Our Safety Professionals experience includes:

  • Assist in the preparation of Corporate and State specific plans, emergency action plans, critical lift plans with focus on specific operations Job Hazard Analysis
  • Oversee safety administratively by supplementing team staff through site visits
  • Enforce policies to establish a culture of high standards
  • Verify compliance with approved safety plan
  • Hold Pre-Task Meetings
  • Review Site Safety Plans / Emergency Action Plans, etc.
  • Conduct audits of project compliance
  • Evaluate practices and procedures to assess risk
  • Investigate accidents to discover cause/prevent recurrence
  • Participate in Pre-Bid Site Visit / Pre-Award meetings/ Initial Job meetings/ Bi-Weekly Project meetings / Regional Project Control meetings
  • Chair Safety Stand Down meetings


The success of a safety program depends on cooperation among management, supervisors, and employees, as well as between each employee and his fellow workers. Our Safety Engineers collaborate with managers, safety leaders, inspectors, and other professionals to ensure safe work habits are adhered to, minimizing safety risks to ensure a successful project.